Active member
02 202 Warsaw Germany
Society membership and principal philatelic positions held

Polish Philatelic Academy, Vice President. Royal Philatelic Society London.

Collections and philatelic interests

Postal History of Poland 1918-1924.

International awards
FEPA medal for philatelic literature 2006.
Salon du timbre 2012, Stockholmia 2019, Large Gold.
Portugal 2010, Brasiliana 2012, London 2015, New York 2016, Finlandia 2017, Israel 2018, Gold.
Philatelic Gems in the Crown of the II Republic of Poland 1918-1920, 2009 (Polish, English).
Beginning of the Post in Pommerania 1920, 2013 (Polish, English).
Post office in the Greater Poland 1919-1920, 2016 (Polish, German).
Postal Communications in Hallerʼs Blue Army 1917-1920 (Polish, English).
Spoken languages
Polish, English, German.
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