Welcome to the internet site of the AEP!

Thank you for connecting to the website of the European Academy of Philately. On this website, you will find plenty of information on the AEP and its activities. You will find here not only our basic charter - the statutes - but also our members list, some details on our annual OPUS publication, together with the most recent copy of our Trait d’Union, a brief newsletter sent three times a year to all our members. All these elements should enable you to foster a correct idea about what the AEP is today, a society which gradually has come to its cruising speed and has taken a more and more important position in the philatelic world. The origin, causes and used tools relative to the positioning are worth some attention.

First of all our Academy progressively transformed itself from a purely social club into an international society bringing together the better collectors who are also active and voluntarist in a certain form of communication: the publication of innovative articles and the presentation of their collections in carefully selected philatelic events. The aim of which is to present quite complete philatelic entities, illustrative of the history of a country, of a theme, an idea, a certain stamp or even a route for transmission of mail, national or international. These articles and presentations facilitate for them communication to other persons of their findings in a certain domain, thereby allowing for postal history studies to progress while at the same time creating an interest, often new, for one chapter or another of philately.

Then the AEP made sure to remain truly international - focusing on Europe - while becoming more selective about membership. Not anyone can any longer become a member! This progressive change enabled us to generate more interest, not only from our members but also from outsiders. We have indeed noticed that our Opus is being acquired more often and by more non-members, be they philatelists, a club or a library. We tend to believe that gradually our ambition is being realized, to efficiently and actively facilitate the proliferation of high level articles on varied philatelic subjects.

And finally it does bring us satisfaction to see the increasing number of authors raising their hand to publish an article in a future OPUS. We consider this as a positive sanction for our publication and for the dynamic way in which it is being run; it also induces us to continue our efforts to bring forward the opinion of these authors, the more since the AEP believes that diversity and pluralism are essential base elements not only of our society but also of our hobby.

The spirit in which our AEP aims to profile itself in the philatelic world is: selective, serious, dynamic and communicative. All this in a spirit of comradeship and with enjoyable social activities. May I therefore invite you to forge your own opinion on this ? Enjoy the surfing on website!

Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi
Académie Européenne de Philatélie ( AEP )