Active member
6403 Küssnacht am Rigi Germany
Society membership and principal philatelic positions held

Consilium Philateliae Helveticae. Club de Monte-Carlo.
Collectors Club New York. International Association of Philatelic Experts.
Former Chairman of the FIP Commission for Postal History (and a member of the commissions for Traditional Philately and Fight against Fakes and Forgeries) until 2016.
Former FIP Jury member and National Jury member. FIP Medal for Service (2016).
Founder of the Kimmel Foundation for Postal History (2014).

Collections and philatelic interests

Austrian Italy 1850-1866. Ceylon 1857-1871.
Venezuela 1859-1877. Postal History of Vietnam 1859-1979.
Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia: Postal History 1393-1866, Foreign mail from and to the Kingdom 1850-1870, Revenues 1854-1866, Postal History of the Valtellina 1480-1867.
The Foreign Post Offices in Constantinople 1442-1923. Registered mail from Hungary 1789-1900.
The Electric Telegraph in Switzerland 1852-1886. Postal History of Yunnan (China) 1893-1949.

International awards
Medals Luff 2004, Prof. Brühl 2005, Köhler 2007, Prof. Weidlich 2010.
Grand Prix international FIP for youth Interposta 1959. Naba 2006, 2012, Grand Prix.
Israel 2018, Grand Prix international FIP.
Philanippon 1991, Bangkok 1993, Korea 1994, Paris 1999, London 2000, España 2004 et 2006, Indipex 2011, Philanippon 2011, Israel 2018, Large Gold.
Prague 2018, Gold.
Sindelfingen 1999 and 2016, Golden Posthorn.
Edition d’Or vol. 30, Ceylon 1857-1871, 2012.
Spoken languages
German, English, French, Italian, Spanish.
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