MANZATI, Claudio
MANZATI, Claudio
Active member
President of CIFO ( the Italian Association of Collectors of Ordinary Stamps).
Member of: Collectors Club of New York, Royal Philatelic Society London, DASV.

Postal History since the Middle Ages.
Post of Russian Drifting Bases at the North Pole.
Post of Peacekeeping Military Missions.
Express Service in Europe, Postal Relations between Italy and the rest of the world during the reign of Umberto I (1879-1900).

Postal Services in Italy from 1997 to 2002.
The transition from Public to Private (2003).
The Italian Ordinary Stamps (2010).
The first classification and evaluation of the Italian Military Post of Peacekeeping Missions (2012).
The Priority Mail in Italy (2014).
Volume N° 2 of Specialized Sassone Catalog (2016).

Best article published in The Collectors Club Philatelist (2015).

Spoken languages:
French, English, Italian
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