Active member
FIP Jury for Traditional Philately, Postal History and Aerophilately.
Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London.
Member of DASV (Germany), of the APS (USA) and of several clubs and societies in Norway.


Traditional philately: Norway , Sweden, Denmark, Danish West Indies, Romania, Austria, Belgium, Baltic countries.
Postal history: Scandinavia and Europe.
Airmail: combination mail air / surface mail, in general routes and rates of commercial airmail.

Author of the book “Norske Brev før 1855” ( Norwegian mail pre-1855), 1989.
Numerous articles in the Norwegian magazines on various subjects: combined air/ surface mail; Danish bicoloured issues 1870-1905; war-time relations in Czech Republic pre-and during WWII.
Work in progress: Book about the treatment of underpaid mail / unpaid mail to Norway from the start of the Norwegian Post until the end of the postage due adhesive stamps 1927.

Large Vermeil Medals.
Andersen-Dethloff medal (highest ranked philatelic honour in Norway).
National awards in Norway and Sweden.

Spoken languages
English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish.
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