KOURI, Yamil
KOURI, Yamil

Active member
Vice-President of the American Philatelic Society and of the World Stamp Show “Boston 2026”.
Board member of the Real Academia Hispánica de Filatelia, of the Federación Inter-Americana de Filatelia (FIAF), of the Cardinal Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History (Waltham, Massachusetts, USA), of the Postal History Society (USA), of the American Philatelic Congress.
Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London.
United States Commissioner to a half dozen international philatelic exhibitions.
Past President of the Cuban Philatelic Society of America.
National Philatelic Judge in the United States.


Spanish Mail, Spanish Colonial Maritime Mail in the Americas, Spanish Colonies, British Maritime Mail, French Maritime Mail, German Maritime Mail, Spanish American War.
Multiple FIP Large Gold medals.

Past Editor of The Cuban Philatelist, consultant to the EDIFIL Specialized Catalog of Cuba Stamps (Spain), contributor to the APS’s Manual of Philatelic Judging. More than 160 articles published in 17 different journals and 5 national and international exhibition catalogues.
Author of the following Books:
The Postal History of Spanish New Orleans. U.K., 2004; Entre Palmitos y Palmas Reales: La correspondencia por vapores subvencionados entre Cuba y la Costa Atlántica del Sur de los Estados Unidos. Discursos Académicos XXII, Real Academia Hispánica de Filatelia, Madrid, 2010; Los Correos Mayores de Yndias. FESOFI. Cuadernos de Filatelia No. 23, 2014 (author of Cuba chapter); From Indian Trails to the Birth of a Nation and Under Three Flags - The Postal History of the Spanish-Cuban/American War (2015).

Ashbrook Cup 2004 - U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, Walter R. McCoy Award for best article in the Seventy-Ninth American Philatelic Congress (2013) and best article of 2013 in the Postal History Journal (USA).

Spoken languages
Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Italian.
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