DIAS, Bento
DIAS, Bento
Active member
1750-410 LISBOA Portugal
Member of the Portuguese Philatelic Club, of the “Confraria Meridional (Evora, Portugal)”, the APM and the ASEMA (Spain). FIP and national juror for maximaphily.

Postal History of the Portuguese Colonies : postmarks and cancellations, railway mail from Angola, Mozambique, India and Portugal, telegraph cancellations, military mail, Portuguese POW mail from WWI, POW and internees mail on Portuguese territory, undercover mail from WW2, Numeric and "Postos" Portuguese postmarks, Mozambique and India airmail
Open class: Portuguese Legion and Youth Organisation. Maximaphily : Cheops and sphinxes (Egypt), military uniforms, aircraft, music. Author of various philatelic articles.

Awards : International Gold Medal at Portugal 2010 and three Gold Medals at the inter-regional Povoa de Varzim 2011.

Spoken languages:
Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Italian
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