Active member
28014 Madrid Spain;
Society membership and principal philatelic positions held

President of the Nexo Group. President of the Nexofil Awards for the best stamps of the world.
Real Academia hispánica de filatelia e historia postal.
Editor of Academus, El Eco filatélico, España coleccionista.

Collections and philatelic interests

Postal history of Chasquis in New Granada, 1560-1810.
Cuba 1868-1896: revenue, telegraph stamps and telegrams; Arañitas 1883.
Spain: philately and postal history 1879-1889; postal stationery Quinta of Goya and Discovery of America.
Thematic: mailbox. Open class: Spain lottery of 19th century.

International awards
Gold medal for Philatelic merit of Spain.
Cómo Coleccionar Sellos. Manual Práctico y Terminología, 1980.
La leyenda de «La Maja Desnuda», 2009.
Study of Telegraph Stamps of Cuba, 1868-1896, 2010.
Ambrosías Postales, 500 Años de Arte y Correo, 2010.
Relaciones del Correo y la telegrafía eléctrica Isabel II - Alfonso XII,1853-85, 2016.
Palabra de Académico, 2017.
Spoken languages
Spanish, French.
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