LEBECQUE, Emmanuel
LEBECQUE, Emmanuel

Active member
Member of the “Club Philatélique du Valenciennois”.
Member of the “Union Marcophile”.
Member of the ArGe Deutsche Feldpost 1914-1918.


The rhomboid numerals used in the post offices of the French “Département du Nord” from 1852 to 1876. National Silver medal at Nevers 2000.
The local postal rates in the French “Département du Nord” from 1830 to 1878. Regional Vermeil medal at Arras 2005.
The German military mail in the vicinity of Valenciennes during the First World War.
Publication: Catalogue of the rhomboid numerals, both large and small numbers, used in the French “Département du Nord”. 2001.

Spoken languages
French, English, German.
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