SCHUBERT, Bernward
SCHUBERT, Bernward

Active member
Member of the “Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e.V.” through membership of “Briefmarkenfreunde Kornwestheim e.V.”, “Philatelistischer Club Markgröningen e.V.”, “Briefmarkensammlerverein Aspreg e.V.”.
Member of the “Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Russland/Sowjetunion e.V.”.
President of the “Briefmarkenfreunde Kornwestheim e.V.”.
Jury in rank 2 + 3 in the “Bund Deutscher Philatelisten”.
Jury in the “Deutschen Philatelisten-Jugend”.


Collections: Russia / Soviet Union (emphasis on the czar-period).
Local collection: Kornwestheim.

Awards: Collection “Russian domestic mail” – study of the tariffs in the period from
1st April 1889 to 20th September 1914 (Gold).

Publications: Editor of the Reports of the Symposia of “Postgeschichte – live”.

Spoken languages
English, German.
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