CHAUVET, Michèle
Active member
Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London.
Member of the following circles : Académie de Philatélie de Paris, Académie de Philatélie de Belgique (m.c.), Real Academia Hispánica de Filatelia (m.c.), Consilium Philatelicae Helvticae (m.c.), Association Internationale des Experts en Philatélie.

- Postal history of France and colonies (pre-UPU).
- French international postal relations before 1849, in particular with the UK, Switzerland and Spain.
- Postal use of the 1c and 5c of the issues « Empire », « Bordeaux » and « Cérès ».

The taxing offices.
Introduction to the postal history from its origin to 1849.
Introduction to the postal history from 1849 to 1878 (together with J-F. Brun).
French postal relations with the UK, Spain and Geneva.
Forwarded letters from the earliest days to 1878.
The « La Fayette » collection, mythical French stamps.
French colonies in the Americas.
French colonies in Africa.
Cérès 1849, collection Joseph Hackmey (co-author JF. Brun).
Monography on the first general issue of the colonies (type « Aigle »).

The patrimony of the postage stamp.
Specialised catalogue of French stamps.
Daily life in the field hospitals (co-author Guy Dutau).

- National gold medals and national Grand Prix.
- International gold medals.
- Medal of the Consilium Philateliae Helveticae.
- FEPA medal for literature (2008).
- AEP Literature Award 2014.

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