LOGETTE, Jean-François
LOGETTE, Jean-François M.P.E.
Active member
51100 REIMS France
Board Member of the AEP.
Former high ranking civil servant on international level.
International consultant for philately.
President of POSTAL CLUB (International Postal Philatelic Club).
Member of the Royal Philatelic Society London.
Secretary General of EUROJUMELAGES.

Expert for international reply coupons since 1907 models of Rome, Madrid, Stockholm, London.
Postal stationery from Greece (19th century).
Postal marks from Reims (France) from the 17th century onwards.
Study of postal rates in Egypt (1890-1915).
Study of postal rates VIA SIBERIA during the Cultural Revolution in China (1966-1976).
Postal stationery from Crete (1900-1913).

Spoken languages:
French, English, German
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