Active member
18536 Piraeus Greece
Society membership and principal philatelic positions held

Former President of the Hellenic Philatelic Federation.
Former President of the FIP Literature Commission.
FIP Jury member for thematic philately and philatelic literature.
International Association of Philatelic Journalists.

Collections and philatelic interests

Greece: pre-adhesive period, disinfected mail, small Hermes heads.

International awards
Washington 2006, Gold.
FEPA medal for exceptional service 2014.
Hellenic Philotelic Society Medal 2016.
Συμβολή εις την μελέτην της μκράς κεφαλής του Ερμού (Contribution à l’étude des petites têtes de Mercure, Grec-français), 1969.
Κατάλογος-μελέτη των ειδικών αναμνηστικών σφραγίδος της Ελλάδος (Catalogue-Study of the special commemorative postmarks of Greece), 1974.
Index to Name and Major Philatelic Auction Sales of Greece and Related Areas (with Louis Basel), 1989.
Εγχειρίδιο του ελληνικού φιλοτελισμού, Μελέτες, Μονογραφίες, Άρθρα, Βιβλιογραφίες, Ευρετήρια (Handbook of Hellenic Philately: handbooks, monographs, articles, bibliographies, indexes, Greek-English), 2003.
Οι “Πολωνικές” εκδόσεις του 1934 (The “Polish issues” of 1934), 2008.
Former editor of Philotelia.
Spoken languages
Greek, English, French.
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