Active member
1933 STERREBEEK Belgium
Secretary general and board member of the Royal Belgian Academy of Philately.
Member of the International Association of Philatelic Journalists (AIJP).
Former Promotor and President of “BELMOPHIL”, the Study Cercle for modern issues.
Jury of the Grand Prix for Belgian and European Philatelic Art.
Member of the Circle “Les Amis de Marianne” (France).

Belgian royal effigies of the types ELSTRÖM and VELGHE.
"Liberté" from Gandon, "Marianne" from Briat and from Luquet, TVP
The “Marianne de Briat” forgeries (to deceive the postal administration).
Termonde: straight and inverted and postal history.
The issue “Perron de Liège” in postal history.
Stamp boxes.

Spoken languages:
French, English, Dutch
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