Une Lettre Insolite

Cette enveloppe de La Réunion « trouvée vide dans la boîte supplémentaire de Saint-Denis Réunion » pour Marseille nous a été confiée pour Trait d’Union par notre collègue Peter R.A. KELLY. Gageons qu’elle intéressera plus d’un amateur ! Voici cette lettre exceptionnelle avec le commentaire de Peter KELLY.Salles mentions that he was unable to find any trace of the 1864 « Decision du Gouverneur » to install a moveable box between the post office at St. Denis and the quayside where the Messageries vessels were moored.Il is thought that this Decree provided for last minute mail, comprising paid letters with colonial postage stamps, to be carried on board just before sailing and that these should be considered as having been posted on board. Mail from this source should be the only example of letters cancelled on board with colonial stamps.It is exceptionnal to see, as in this example, any reference to mail actually having been cleared from this box.
MARITIME MAIL 1882-1888Ligne T 3nd Route (Australia to Marseille via Reunion,Mauritius & Mahé)
17 September 1887. Posted in the St Denis,Reunion supplementary box, to Paris. cds «Ligne T/ Paq Fr N°6 21.12. Ligne T N° 6 Salazie dep. Reunion (17.12) arr. Marseille (11.1. 87).
Enveloppes found empty in the « Boîte supplémentaire » of St. Denis, Réunion. The postal agent on board.