CALLIGA, Stephano
CALLIGA, Stephano
Active member
Member of the Helenic Philotelic Society and of the Royal Philatelic Society London.

Large Hermes Head Stamps of Greece with scholarly study on the precise sequence and dating of printings.
Stamps of Great Britain (& G.B. used abroad).
Stamps of Cyprus.
Stamps of the Levant, Postal History in the Mediterranean & The Levant.
The study of alternative methods for advanced artistic printing in Typography, in contrast with Line-Engraved.

Large Gold Notos 2015.
FEPA Medal 2013.

The Stamps of the Large Hermes Head- Early Athenian Period 1861-1863: Variety of Impressions by Four Methods of Printing - Chronological Sequence and Duration of Printigs, - Quantities- Circulation.
The Stamps of the Large Hermes Head 1861-1886: Overview - Precise Depiction of the Variety of Impressions by Four Methods of Printing- Sequence of Printings.
The 20 Lepta 'Large Hermes Head' Stamps of Greece: From legend to objective classification.

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French, Greek, English
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