DOS SANTOS, Everaldo
DOS SANTOS, Everaldo

Active member
Vice-President of the FIP Grand Prix Club.
Member of the Club de Monte-Carlo and of the Royal Philatelic Society
Former President of FEFIBRA.
Jury FIP in postal history.


The Postal History of Brazil, Piracicaba and Pernambuco.
Exotic routes to/from Brazil.
Deciphering Lawsuits postal rates.
Brazil Classic.
Navigation Lines Serving South America.

Author of the following books:
Brazilian Postmarkings, 8 books, The role of Société Générale de Transports
Maritimes for South America, Postal Documents in the History of Brazil.
Author of several articles (e.g. on forgeries, recent discoveries in
Brazilian philately, Bull's Eyes...) in Mosaico magazine, The London
Philatelist and others.

Grand Prix Lubrapex 1997; Lubrapex 2016; GP d'Honneur London 2000.

Spoken languages
Spanish, English, Portuguese.
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