CATTANI, Adriano
CATTANI, Adriano
Active member
I-35142 PADOVA Italy
President of the Philatelic association of Veneto (Padova), Board Member of the Association for studies in Postal History (Padova), director of the philatelic magazines “Bollettino Prefilatelico e Storico Postale” and of “Storia Veneta”. National jury member.
Director of the Museum of Taxis and Postal History of Camerata Cornello (Bergamo).

Postal routes of Europe.
Author of : “Guide à la Préphilatélie", « Histoire postale de la République de Venise », « De Venise en voyage avec la poste », « Guide à l’histoire postale du Royaume d’Italie », « Catalogue des cachets ambulants ferroviaires d’Italie » and author of various articles in philatelic magazines.
Awards : Large Gold Medal and “Grand Prix International” at Hunfila 2009, Gold Medals at Gmunden and in Paris “Salon du Timbre” in 2012.

Spoken languages:
French, Italian
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