Active member
President of the “Association Philatélique du Boulonnais” and of the “Association Philatélique d’Abbeville”. Board Member of the French Philatelic Association, Vice-President of the “Groupement Philatélique Régional du Nord Pas-de-Calais”, former youth commissioner of the GRPNPDC and former Vice-President of the National Youth Council of the FFAP.
Member of “Maximaphiles français” and the “Union Marcophile”.

Organizor of Marcophilex 1982 and regional congresses in 1987,1997 and 2007, the GAPS in 2009 and the Challenge Pasteur in 2001.


“La Poste aux lettres Boulogne sur Mer” up to 1885, French Imperforate postage stamps 1849-1862, the national and imperial fleet of Napoléon Bonaparte, franco-german mutuality, duality of the maritime entries of the ports of Boulogne and Calais in the 19th century, The proposed invasion of England (1797-1812).
Awards: Large Vermeil in Nancy 2005, Nord Pas-de-Calais 2011 and Paris 2012, Gold medals in Nevers, Paris 2008 and Tarbes 2009, National HP, Gold medal for the “Ruban Rouge” ( la Légion d’honneur) in Poitiers 2007, the Dole Medal and the Biscara Plaquette.

Publications : Book about Napoleon, the Camp of Boulogne and the “Légion d’honneur“ published in 2004, catalogue of the postal markings and the handwritten annotations of the Camp de Boulogne. Various articles for philatelic magazines.
Editor of the APB bulletin and supplements.

Spoken languages
French, English.
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