Honorary member
- 1949: member of the "Koninklijke Postzegelverenigining van het Land van Waas"; president since 1965.
- 1966: Co-founder of the Royal Belgian Academy for Philately and vice-president since 2000.
- 1983: Académie de Philatélie (France), associate overseas member.
- 1984: International FIP-jury member postal history and traditional philately, and national jury for postal stationery.
- 1988-1991: President of the "Koninklijke Kring voor Stempelstudie en Postgeschiedenis".
- 1988-2005: AEP honorary treasurer.
- 1997- President of the jury for 7 national exhibitions.
- 1992-2000: FIP-Commission for Postal History- vice-president.
- 2000-2008: FIP-Commission for Postal History- Chairman.
- 2011: President of the “Société Philatélique Belge”.
- Co-founder of the "International Postal History Fellowship", (IPHF), founder of the library of the Royal Belgian Federation of Philately, member of the "Cercle d'Etudes Philatéliques", Brussels, of the "Union Marcophile" and of the "Deutsches Altbriefsammler Verein".

National Merit of the Belgian Federation, national award for literature "Paul de Smeth", "Kapittel van de Costerusridders (NL)", "SAVO-Plakette", DASV, Claude Delbeke medal of the Royal Belgian Academy of Philately, "Professor Hans Weidlich Plakette", DASV.
“Claude Delbeke” medal 2008.
Large Gold ROSSICA 2014 for “Le Philatéliste Belge”.

- Overview of all known Belgian circular date stamps 1831-1910.
- The French mail-route to Rome (1768-1790).
- Editor of the philatelic magazine of the Royal Philatelic Circle "Land Van Waas".
- Dozens of Publications in all major philatelic magazines.

Spoken languages
French, English, German, Dutch.
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