Active member
6210 Sežana
Society membership and principal philatelic positions held

AEP member of the Board.
Slovenian Philatelic Academy, member of the Board.
International Association of Philatelic Journalists.
Chairman of the FIP Commission for thematic philately.
FIP Jury member and team leader for thematic philately.

Collections and philatelic interests

Thematic philately: mountains and mountaineering; seismology.
Traditional philately: Slovene Littorale (1945-1947); Slovenia; Yugoslavia.
Postal stationery: Yugoslav aerograms (1848-1954).
Postal history: Illyrian Provinces; preadhesive period and postmarks of Slovenia.

International awards
Philakorea 2014, London 2015, Thailandia 2018, Gold.
FEPA Gold Pin for Extraordinary contribution to the development of European philately, 2019.
Spoken languages
Slovenian, Italian, English, French, German, Serbo-Croatian.
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